How we started:

Professionals having a passion for providing value proposition to customers, established Pringle Techonologies.

The path chosen for delivery of the value proposition is IT consulting and implementation of end to end information technology based solutions through cost-savings, quality service, and enabling optimal utilization of internal resources.



Our Vision:

"Enhance the business value of our customers through Software Products and Solutions"


Pringle Technologies firmly believes in having a vision and focus in applying the expertise and experience. We believe that working to realize our vision will enable us to,

  • Be Different from other IT companies cluttering the business space 
  • Achieve Job Satisfaction 
  • Attract Better Talent to our organization
Every organization, small and big, transcending all barriers, are looking at ways and means to satisfy and delight their customers. Customer retention strategies have become topic of discussion for many a business development professional. Enhancing value in each of the functional areas to benefit the customer in terms of product quality, price, shopping convenience, information availability, service quality, etc., has acquired prominent place.
Pringle Technologies was quick to realize this need and set before itself a vision encompassing the above philosophy.